Elvin & Maribel Espinal Cruz

Staff Title
Dir., Children’s Homes & Farm Operations

As Director of Honduran Operations, Elvin's duties include supervising the Children’s Homes and Farm Management.

Elvin studied Medicine in Tegucigalpa for four years and then entered the Baxter Institute where he graduated with a degree in Theology. After their marriage, he and Maribel directed day care centers for Mission Lazarus, where he also preached. The couple then served as house parents at Jovenes en Camino Children’s Home.  

Elvin and Maribel joined Living Hope in 2016 and used their experience to help shape policies and procedures serving as House Parents for the Nanny’s Casa, where 12 wonderful girls who were abused and/or abandoned now live as a family.  Elvin and Maribel bring expertise and passion to their role as Directors of the girl’s home(s). They interact almost daily with the girls,  encouraging, teaching, and modeling a Christian marriage. They supervise house parents of Nanny’s Casa and will expand duties to include Lynn’s House when it is completed and staffed. They exhibit total integrity and leadership in answering to a remote Board of Directors.

Maribel has a bachelor’s degree in secondary education and has worked with children and adolescents all her life.  Elvin and Maribel were the first house-parents in Nanny’s Casa along with their own children Shelly and Raymond.  They set the tone of love and acceptance, providing spiritual training and education.  In addition to her duties as co-director of the homes, she is the leader of the Youth Group at the Gualaco church, conducting workshops on Saturdays for many young people in the area, of all faiths.

Maribel’s main interest and talent is working with girls and young women, teaching them to  value themselves as women, improve self-esteem and personal security; she helps them see the importance of seizing opportunities that can improve their futures.  Maribel’s instruction and her example is invaluable for girls who have come from horrific abuses and poverty. They now face a future of hope!  

Elvin oversees farming and dairy operations near the home.  The farm provides income for Living Hope and jobs for the community, as well as milk, eggs, and produce for the girls’ home.

“Esperanza Viva,” translated, is Living Hope.  The logo including “EV” is a replica of the brand designed by benefactor Paul Majors to mark cattle on Living Hope’s farm Gualaco, Honduras. In Honduras, the brand is widely recognized as the symbol of Living Hope. The farm is one of the ministries’ most promising investments, potentially expanding production to further serve the community and provide more employment opportunities.