Naaman Ariel Izaguirre & Olga Eunice Martinez

Staff Title
House Parents for Nanny’s Casa

Naaman Ariel Izaguirre and his wife, Olga Eunice Martinez (pictured with their 5-year-old son, Jonael) serve as House Parents for Nanny’s Casa.

Naaman studied theology at Baxter Institute in Tegucigalpa, graduating with a degree in Theology in 2017.  He expected to become a preacher, but his passion and work history has been to work in children’s homes, which he believes God has called him to do. He worked mainly with boys before and now girls, which he says “is different and has many challenges.  I believe that providing love to all these girls, working together with them and guiding them in everything they undertake is a source of pride and a blessing for us.”

Olga wanted to study Microbiology at the university, but when her parents separated, her mother was left alone with 6 children. Olga gave up her dream of college and went to work.  She soon enrolled in a nursing program where she graduated and began working at a Surgical Medical Center. Her medical training has been very useful in her role as house parent.  Both Naaman and Olga truly parent the girls, helping with their education, spiritual development, teaching them interpersonal skills and developing their individual talents. The girls have shown interest in baking, reading, sewing, and sports, all with the potential for a career path.