Pablo & Nancy Padilla

Staff Title
Dir., Spiritual Development, Education & Construction

Pablo Padilla was hired in May 1996 as a contractor to build the church in Gualaco. He met Bob and Wade Walters and Keith Pinson.  As a result of their relationship, he began attending the church and committed his life to Christ.

In 1998 he entered the Bible School of Honduras and graduated as an instructor of the Gospel.  He was called to work as director of a children’s home in Capiro. He returned to Gualaco to preach in Jicalapa, work on construction of the church in Pacura and served as a Bible teacher.  In September 2008, he joined Living Hope as Director of Church Missions.   He counsels preachers and oversees benevolence in the 14 churches financially supported by Living Hope. He also oversees the work of the preachers, compiles timely reports and handles all emergencies, special needs, and construction projects.

Because of Covid-19, there are major food shortages among the communities we serve. Supporters answered the appeal for help and as a result, over 600 families received relief.  The food delivery program was organized by Pablo and assisted by ministers of Living Hope and local youth groups.

Pablo’s wife, Nancy, works with vulnerable youth in the church.  Nancy is an important part of Living Hope, working with Pablo to face new challenges every day.  She serves as the Head of the Kitchen at the compound adjacent to the church, providing all meals for every volunteer group that comes to work for Living Hope.  Needless to say, visitors love it when Nancy rings the bell for breakfast, lunch and dinner!