Rogelio Alberto Espinal Cruz

Staff Title
Manager of Maintenance

Rogelio Alberto Espinal Cruz currently serves as Manager of Maintenance for Living Hope properties.  He is originally from Choluteca in southern Honduras and is a graduate of the University of Jose Cecilio del Valle (UJCV).  He is a skilled electrician, learning this and other construction skills from his father. He is married to Damaris Gabriela Izaguire Exquivel, also a graduate of UJCV.

Rogelio and Damaris have been married 10 years and have a 9-year-old daughter, Rut Alejandra.
Before coming to Living Hope Damaris sold clothes in her own store and Rogelio was a taxi driver. Both Rogelio and Damaris worked with the Church of Christ in Choluteca as instructors of the youth. Damaris became the director of the church's Sunday school program and served as church administrator.  She has also served as a substitute instructor for Jovenes en Camino. Life has taught them to work hard and trust God! They are highly motivated to serve with Living Hope. They are impressed with how many families are blessed by the work, especially girls who need love, care, and protection.  They say that “working with Living Hope is a dream for us which God is fulfilling today.” Damaris and Rogelio are in training to become house parents in Lynn’s Casa when it opens.