Church Staff & Stewards

Six paid staff members oversee this aspect of the mission.

Rolando Aguilar is the most recent staff addition and ministers to the communities of San Martin and Coluco.

Kevin Andrade serves the churches of Pecura. The previous minister left the church in 2010 and Kevin began preaching to fill the need; he had no training, but a heart to teach and encourage. He served in Toro Muerto and Pecura from January 2011 – 2013, walking 4 kilometers (2 ½ miles) on a bridle path, having no motorcycle or horse. Wanting to be more effective, he decided to study at the Central American Institute (BICA). When he returned to Pecura and Toro Muerto, he saw the great need for a preacher so he worked part time there for 5 years.

“the reward of my dedication to the Lord arrived, where the Lord, using a group of North American brothers decided to support me financially so that I could do a better job full time and gave me a motorcycle to travel to the community of Pacura with greater speed and comfort. Thanks to GOD and Living Hope for all your support.” Kevin Andrade
Snapshot photos of various churched in Honduras supported by Living Hope For Honduras.

Jorge Diaz has recently retired from his ministry to the church in San Pedro after 20 years of service but continues to receive financial support reflecting gratitude for the many years of his selfless work.

Samuel Gomez, before Living Hope provided assistance, served the churches of La Colonia and La Venta without pay for two years. He travels by motorcycle over the mountains to preach for these two congregations.

Santos Jacinto, pastor of Baptist church in San Pedro, is a man with a great heart for God and his brothers and sisters. Santos shows great care and compassion as he serves the spiritual and physical needs of the Christians in San Pedro. 

Enrique Martinez is a very effective evangelist and leader. The church in Las Delicias has prospered under his leadership in the midst of severe poverty.

Daniel Meza formerly served as a local preacher, farm manager, assistant director and construction manager. He now serves purely as an evangelist, conducting personal one-on-one Bible studies throughout the region. Currently, he averages around 40 visits each month and an additional 25 home Bible studies.

Melvin Montes is pastor of the Baptist Church in Gualaco, and his dedication leads him to extend his work into remote communities in the Gualaco area.

Victor Prado serves as the preacher for the churches of LaPeña and San Pedro. He is a long-time preacher with Living hope and does an exceptional job of leading two congregations. San Pedro is extremely poor with only few men plus women heads of households. LaPeña is a small isolated village with no electricity or running water.

Juan de la Ramos uan de la Ramos was the first preacher paid through Living Hope more than 25 years ago. He served the churches of San Martin, El Rancho, and Colulco and recently retired, but continues to be supported by Wade Walters who originally hired him.

Santos Rolando is presently preaching with no financial support for the churches of San Martin and El Rancho, replacing his uncle, Santos Prado, who was forced into retirement for health reasons.

There are more opportunities for U.S. churches and groups to adopt Honduran congregations! Please contact us for details!


Building Church Homes

Volunteers building a church in Honduras.

A key component in spiritual support of Honduran communities is construction of entire church buildings. Living Hope For Honduras has heard the needs of those who don't have church homes, and helped build or otherwise assist a number of churches in Honduras, with needs and plans for more constantly growing.

The scene pictured here is a typical project for Living Hope: volunteers building a church by hand. Fourteen similar buildings have been constructed in villages surrounding Gualaco to serve communities whose members would otherwise walk miles to worship. These congregations and their ministers serve as the backbone of all the ministries of Living Hope and represent the evangelistic arm of the organization. The combined congregations serve about 2,000 people.



Children gathered outside their school posing for the camera.


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